Microwave Oven

Features To Consider When Buying A Microwave Oven

A microwave has become a major part of essential kitchen things today. It does wonders, and it is among the must haves in the modern kitchens. The following are some tips that will help you for good features when selecting a microwave to buy online.

Function Of The Microwave

Settling on the microwave by considering the functions is essential. The microwaves are classified into two namely convection and standard microwaves. The difference between the two is conventional microwave used to cook and grill while standard microwaves are used for heating food and cooking ready to eat food.

Power Consumption

If you go for a microwave with a high wattage, it cooks very fast. So it advisable to go for a microwave that offers various options depending on what you are preparing. It is important to know the maximum power range that is provided by the manufacturer as you can’t go beyond it in cooking. If you only need a microwave for warming or cooking fast food go for the power efficient one. Don’t buy the one that uses high wattage as it is essential for people who cook their food on the microwave.


Select the size of your microwave depending on your requirements. The microwaves have three sizes which include large, medium and portable. Large capacity is the perfect in cooking large meals like roasting and cooking turkey breasts with an option of auto cook. Desktop or portable mini microwaves are the smallest and are made to allow portability. Medium capacity microwaves are slightly bigger than the compact ones; they are commonly used in many households. They may have a convertible oven and are likely to have the auto cook feature added to them.



It is important to have a budget when you want to purchase a microwave. Go for the best design that is within your budgets. The inbuilt ones are more expensive than the counter top ones. Do not waste your money by spending on a microwave with features that you can’t utilize. Remember to go microwaves which have warrants in the case of any problem the company can repair it for you if it occurs within the guarantee period.


When purchasing a microwave go with the one that fits with your kitchen style and design. Ensure if you are buying a microwave your kitchen should have enough space for it. Especially the inbuilt one requires a lot of space for the exhaust fan and microwave oven.