An in-Depth Look at Fighting Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine in and of itself isn’t that bad. It is the additives and chemicals added to cigarettes which mess your health. Most cigarette smokers are now using a pod system to curb their smoking addiction. Nicotine does not stick around your entire body for long. It’s a half-life of approximately 60 minutes. You desire more, and you also would like to maintain those levels even on your blood through the day. Nicotine is about as benign as caffeine within the body.vape pen

Health Effects of Nicotine

Nicotine enhances your reaction time and your ability to listen, making you feel like you can work because it is a central nervous system stimulant. But health issues related to using tobacco products are much worse than any advantages. This can be from carcinogenic additives. While vaping is somewhat similar to smoking, it is possible to finally decrease nicotine ingestion and stop smoking. Vaping has been gaining popularity and momentum in the past couple of decades.

Vapes vs. Cigarettes

A lot of them are actually due to other substances in cigarette smoke. Vaping is a whole lot better compared to smokes. Vaping is healthier because rather than inhaling near 4000 chemicals, you’re merely inhaling nicotine, flavoring, and two other compounds deemed safe to inhale. The vapor generated is inhaled and exhaled, similar to cigarette smoke.  Vaping is much like smoking making it much easier to transition from cigarettes to vaping to nicotine freedom. There’s a small shift in the habit, which happens as you need to become accustomed to using a system to deliver your nicotine. Vaping fluid, e-juice, or e-liquid comes from several cigarette tastes, fruit flavors, coffee tastes, and various nicotine levels.

Health Benefits of Vaping

You might even purchase e-liquid at a vitamin type, which does not have any nicotine and is only inhaled vitamins A, D, E. Vaping is your healthier and safer choice. It has fewer chemicals, while smoking has tens of thousands. Vaping isn’t quite as harmful or as dangerous as smoking. There continue to be tiny risks associated with nicotine use. Therefore caution is still advised when using or consuming it. As a pure medication, nicotine has several negative impacts on physical health, but it increases blood pressure and accelerates the development of heart and cardiovascular disease.