Protecting the nose

Protecting the face is important

What is the first body part that a person sees to another person? If this question is asked around, most people would answer by saying the face. Whether you are interacting with the person or not, the face is the first or on most occasions, the only body part that you see of the other.

The face contains the forehead, eyes, nose, ears, lips, cheeks, mouth, and chin. It is important to note that face is not only the most beautiful part of the body but is also the most sensitive one.
While other body parts are surrounded by solid muscles, the face is not. Every part of the face is supported by the facial structure of the bones. This gives it the beauty that it deserves but also makes it vulnerable.

woman with hazel eyes

Even a slight fall or bump can cause severe damage. For example, if a person gets involved in a fist fight. A punch to the face or around the eye can give you a black eye or a bruise. The reason is that there is no muscle to take the force off the punch. Similarly, the part of the face that gets the most affected when there is an accident or a fight is the nose. The fact that the nose is slightly broader than any of the other parts results in it receiving the most pain.

Avoid any damage to the nose

A nose fracture is a common problem that people of all ages face. As the bone in the nose is very vulnerable and sensitive, any accident can cause it to break. The breakage can result in bleeding from the nose and/or deformation of the nose. Therefore, it is very important for everyone especially children to take extra care of their facial organs such as the nose.

Whenever we allow our children to play in the ground or outside the homes, it is essential that they are being supervised. There are many incidents when a child is either playing a sport or is on the rides, and a slip causes substantial damage to the nose. So, in order to avoid this from happening, a child must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The adult must make sure that nothing extravagant is being tried by the child.

nose to nose with pet

The problem associated with the nose is not confined to children but is very common in adults too. People that are involved in professional sports tend to face facial injuries every now and then. A hard collision with the opponent or a miss hit or miss kick can easily break the nose bone. Even for people that are not into sports can suffer from the breaking of the bone. And it can take weeks for the nose to come back to its normal position. Till then, a person has to avoid putting any extra pressure on it. Meaning that they have to sleep face up, have to wash the face with extra care, have to make sure that while changing the face does not get affected.